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Failure of one Nigerian exporter affects businesses of others – NEPC



Failure of one Nigerian exporter affects businesses of others

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council, NEPC, has emphasized the importance for Nigerian exporters to ensure that their products meet the required standard for the international market. They cautioned that rejected products can have a negative impact on other Nigerian exporters.

NEPC advised intending exporters to have a strong local business foundation before venturing into exports. They also urged exporters to ensure that their products align with the specific market they intend to export to, in terms of safety, quality, and packaging.

Dr. Osas Damain, the Coordinator of NEPC in Cross River State, delivered this advice during a 1-Day Interactive Sensitisation Forum for newly registered exporters in the state. He stressed the necessity for exporters to understand the dynamics of their products’ supply and to master them over time for export success.

Damain also highlighted the importance of considering whether their products fit into the international market and emphasized the potential impact of failed export deals not only on the exporter, but also on other exporters and the nation as a whole.

He encouraged young exporters to take advantage of the training and information resources provided by NEPC.

Additionally, Commissioner for Commerce in the state, Abigail Orok, emphasized the need for exporters to adhere to established procedures and obtain proper certification for their products, stressing that there are no shortcuts in the export business.

Mrs. Anie Iton, a resource person, underscored the significance of adding value to products before exporting, noting the importance of Nigerian participation in export activities.

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