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The commencement of gas supply to South Africa by Nigeria set for 2024



In the first quarter of 2024, Nigeria has announced its plans to start supplying gas to South Africa. This was revealed by David Ige, the Executive of Riverside LNG, a Nigerian-based energy company, during a recent interview in Abuja.

He mentioned that both countries have initiated discussions for significant energy collaboration. Riverside LNG had earlier in the year entered into a gas-export partnership agreement with Johannes Schuetze Energy Import AG of Germany.

David Ige also explained, “We’d probably close out another segment of the market very early in the year, an off-take for South Africa. There’s a massively evolving gas market in the region, around 3,000 nautical miles of Nigeria. So that covers southern Africa, western Africa, all to northwest Europe and the Caribbean and South America broadly.”

Nigeria’s untapped proven gas reserves are estimated at 202 trillion cubic feet (tcf) according to the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited.

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