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The Chairman of the Police Service Commission urges a complete overhaul of police constabulary operations in the country



Egebetokun and Arase

He also stressed the necessity of clearly defining the operations, uniforms, and rules of engagement for the police constabulary system.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the current organization and operations of the Special Police Constabulary nationwide, Arase disclosed ongoing communication with the Inspector-General of Police regarding the imperative to revamp the outfit.

Highlighting reports of unprofessional conduct by officers of the outfit, Arase called for the implementation of distinct uniforms for constabulary officers to easily differentiate them from regular police officers.

He asserted that this differentiation would enable proper tracking of the conduct of constabulary officers and mitigate blames associated with their misconduct, thus relieving the Nigeria Police Force.

Recent events such as the dismissal of two police constables in Oyo State over a viral video depicting extortion of a foreign tourist might have contributed to the urgency for this overhaul.

Arase also advocated for the disbandment of the constabulary in states where members lack adequate remuneration and support, cautioning against arming and licensing a group for security enforcement without proper financial backing.

Furthermore, he raised concerns about the propensity of inadequately compensated individuals to resort to extortion and intimidation.

Arase’s statement aligns with his earlier commitment to establish a new Nigeria Police Force that would attract the youth, a promise he made in June as reported by PUNCH Online.