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“Ruby Ojiakor Praises Destiny Etiko on her Birthday”



None of us in the east is up to her

In addition to the generous gift, Destiny’s kind words about Ruby being a good person moved her to tears. Ruby has been in awe and disbelief at the massive love and support she received from Destiny.

Despite sending the invitation late and not even remembering to call her, Destiny showed up and shared heartfelt words, which deeply touched Ruby. She expressed her appreciation and prayed for the continued success and blessings for Destiny.

Ruby acknowledged Destiny’s remarkable success and her willingness to support and show up for her, despite others requiring more effort. She affirmed her unwavering support for Destiny spiritually and physically.

However, some months earlier, Destiny Etiko and Ruby Ojiakor had a public falling out over a financial matter. Despite their differences, the two actresses remain close friends.