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Plateau massacre: Reps Minority charges NASS, security agencies to end killings



Minority Caucus leader Chinda warns against military coups in Africa

The statement emphasized the distressing national and global concerns raised by the violent events on Christmas Eve. It highlighted the cyclic nature of inter-communal violence in Plateau State and the transformation of community grievances into organized violence by unidentified groups and individuals.

The statement also pointed out the history of attacks in various regions of Plateau State and the apparent disregard for warnings of impending attacks by security agencies, as well as the unwillingness of political leadership to apprehend perpetrators and curb the violence.

The Minority Caucus extended condolences to the Government and People of Plateau State and recognized the efforts and sacrifices of the Military and other Security Agencies, while urging them to intensify their commitment to addressing the crisis.

Additionally, it called upon the NASS Security Committees to leverage constitutional provisions to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the persistent killings and propose legislative solutions to bring them to a halt.