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NPA and LG Join Forces to Ensure Sustainable Water Supply



Nigerian Ports Authority
A partnership between the Nigerian Ports Authority and the Apapa Local Development Council Area in Lagos aims to provide clean water to residents through the Apapa Mini-Water Works, it was announced on Tuesday.

The initiative aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6, focusing on ensuring the availability and sustained management of water and sanitation for all, as stated by the Chairman of Apapa LCDA, Idowu Senbanjo.

Senbanjo emphasized the impact of the lack of potable water on the council and expressed gratitude for the support received from the NPA in addressing this issue.

According to Senbanjo, the project uncovered numerous deficiencies in the water infrastructure, which had been abandoned for almost 15 years, necessitating extensive corrective measures to restore access to clean water for residents.

Rear Admiral Austin Oyagha (retd), Chairman of Apapa Residence Developmental Committee, highlighted the efforts made to address water supply issues and acknowledged the crucial support provided by NPA and its subsidiaries in the project.

During a facility tour, Oluwabi Ayodele, the Southwest Regional Business Manager of Lagos Water Corporation, commended the chairman and stakeholders for their commitment to project success and encouraged residents to collaborate with the corporation for effective monitoring and maintenance of the water facilities.

Ayodele emphasized the importance of building registration with the office to ensure access to the benefits of the water project and urged prompt reporting of any leakages to the corporation.