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How a Peace Accord Ended Nyesom Wike’s Political Aspirations in Rivers State



The dream of Nyesom Wike becoming the influential leader of Rivers State has been declared over by Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, former spokesperson for the defunct new Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP).

Eze expressed that Wike, the immediate past Governor of the State, has lost relevance in the politics of Rivers State and Nigeria at large. He cautioned that individuals aligning with Wike do so at their own risk, emphasizing that Wike’s ambitions to become the prominent figure in the state have come to an end.

He criticized President Bola Tinubu, labeling his involvement in the Rivers State Peace Accord between Governor Fubara and Nyesom Wike as undemocratic, considering Tinubu’s democratic persona. Eze expressed skepticism about the true intentions behind the peace accord and accused Tinubu of undermining Wike’s political aspirations.

Eze commended Tinubu for diminishing Wike’s political standing and saving Rivers State from what he described as a nuisance. He predicted resistance against any attempt to manipulate the state’s political landscape through the peace accord.

Eze expressed that the peace in Rivers State is fragile, asserting that the citizens are aware of the underlying motives behind the truce orchestrated by President Tinubu.

He reiterated that Wike’s political relevance has waned, cautioning potential collaborators against associating with him.

Eze concluded by emphasizing that Wike’s dreams of becoming a significant political figure in Rivers State have been quashed and declared that Rivers State will not succumb to being a replication of Lagos.

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