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“Heavyweights champion, the street has taken over” Portable declares after defeating Charles Okocha in boxing fight



Heavyweights champion the street has taken over Portable declares after

NewsNow reported that the two stars had clashed online after Portable accused Charles of swindling him. According to Portable, Okocha pocketed a whopping 40 million Naira from some promoters for a show in Desmond, Abuja.

Portable claimed he ended up with a mere 5 million Naira from Okocha. Feeling shortchanged, Portable called Okocha out, labeling him a thief for not sharing the money fairly.

In response, Okocha claimed to be the mastermind behind the deal and simply invited Portable as a guest, explaining that he even flew Portable from Lagos to Abuja for the event.

Regarding the payment, Okocha stated he had no formal agreement with Portable, so he paid him what he thought was reasonable – 5 million Naira.

However, Portable who disagreed with his statement, challenged Okocha to a face-off in Lagos.

On Tuesday night, the superstars settled their differences in a boxing match at Landmark Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos State. The fight which was sanctioned by Heritage Boxing Entertainment and was a Boxing Day event, started around 1 am and lasted for about 40 minutes.

The two exchanged in a fistfight, which saw Portable winning and clinching the belt as the Champion.

Now taking to his Instagram page, Portable called himself a heavyweight champion as he declared that the street has taken over.

“Alhamdulilahi Heavyweights Champion @awalife_naija Street Ti Take Over Ọmọ ologo forever IKA OF AFRICA OGO AGBAYE 🌎 Street DonJazzy Tony Montana CEO DR ZEHNATION many many inspiration”.

Weighing into the fight, Odunlade Adekola, who shared clips of the fight, made it known that it was a real fight as he praised Portable for defeating Charles Okocha.

Recall that actress, Jaiye Kuti otherwise known as Jayeola Monje had made a public appeal to Portable over his fight with Charles Okocha.

Weighing in, Jayeola Monje appealed to the singer to avoid a physical fight with the actor and called on her fans to join her in begging the controversial singer.