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Gaston Glock, the Founder of Glock, Passes Away at 94



Glock founder Gaston Glock dies at 94

The website featured a solemn tribute, “In Memoriam Gaston Glock 07/19/1929 – 12/27/2023,” accompanied by a photo of Glock in a dark suit and maroon tie, standing with crossed arms against a black backdrop.

in memory of Gaston Glock

The company also acknowledged Glock’s impact, stating that he not only revolutionized the small arms industry in the 1980s but also established the Glock brand as the outstanding leader in the global handgun industry.

The famous Glock pistol, preferred by law enforcement agencies, gained recognition in blockbuster movies like “Die Hard 2” and “U.S. Marshals,” and was featured in numerous rap songs, including Wu-Tang Clan’s “Da Glock.”

Glock, born in Vienna, Austria in 1929, initially supplied knives and bayonets to the Austrian Army in the 1970s. In 1980, he identified the army’s need for a new handgun.

Despite not personally owning a handgun, Glock gathered experts to assist in creating the “pistol of the future.” During the project, he underwent training on handguns and test-fired prototypes with his left hand, ensuring the continuity of his design work in case of accidents.

The outcome was the Glock 17, a pioneering semi-automatic handgun made from industrial plastic or polymer, featuring a magazine capacity of 17 rounds and an additional round in the chamber.

The Austrian Army adopted the Glock as its new service pistol in 1983, and the Norwegian Army followed suit the next year, designating it as their standard sidearm.

Glock’s influence extended to the United States, where the company established its headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia, in 1985. It claimed that over 65% of U.S. federal, state, and local agencies have been equipped with Glock pistols.