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Edo State Deputy Governor’s Budget Cut Due to Political Ambition, Says Speaker



Godwin Obaseki Philip Shaibu

The Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Blessing Agbebaku, disclosed that N354m was allocated to the Office of the Deputy Governor as Philip Shaibu is not expected to carry out extensive functions in 2024.

The budget, signed into law by Governor Godwin Obaseki on December 15, allocated N19bn to the Governor’s Office, N8bn to the Secretary to the State Government, N13bn to the House of Assembly, and N968 million to the Head of Service.

Addressing journalists in his office, Agbebaku clarified that the allocation of funds was designed to reflect the duties of the office. He stated that most of the deputy governor’s functions were reassigned to other offices due to his significant and time-consuming political aspirations.

Agbebaku explained, “The governor has the authority to reallocate functions, and since the deputy governor had not fulfilled his duties in the outgoing year due to his ambitious pursuits, the governor redistributed most of his functions accordingly.”

He added, “The deputy governor has even expressed concerns about not being actively engaged in official duties. However, the allocation of funds is meant for the execution of responsibilities. With an ambition to become the governor, effective performance as the deputy governor would be hindered, especially in a year dominated by electioneering.”

Agbebaku also refuted claims that N13bn was allocated to his office, emphasizing that the allocation was for the state House of Assembly.