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Bola Tinubu expresses his grief over Akeredolu’s passing



I mourn my fearless brother Tinubu reacts to Akeredolus

Sharing his thoughts, Tinubu stated, “It is a challenging task to compose a tribute and lament the departure of a soul. It becomes even more difficult in our African culture when one is compelled to do so for a younger individual.”

“Here I am, faced with the daunting task of mourning Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, my beloved brother, confidant, political ally, and the Executive Governor of Ondo State.”

“It is impossible to fully encapsulate in words Rotimi’s remarkable stature and his humanity,” Tinubu added. “Rotimi was a man who steered our nation towards justice, fairness, and equity through his staunch advocacy against injustice in our country, whether as a senior advocate, attorney-general of his beloved state, President of the Nigerian Bar Association, or Governor of Ondo State.”

“During a challenging period in our nation’s history when dark forces spread across our country, Rotimi courageously advocated for a reevaluation of our security framework for a safer nation. His relentless advocacy led to the establishment of local policing in the South West.”

Tinubu continued, “Rotimi was a man of both ideas and action. He exemplified the power of action and service. Over the past six years serving as Governor of Ondo State, he served his people with unwavering loyalty, dedication, and integrity.”

“His impact is visible throughout the state in the form of hundreds of kilometers of constructed roads, numerous schools, and healthcare facilities,” Tinubu remarked.

“In the dark aftermath of the tragic attack on the Catholic Church of Owo where 40 worshippers lost their lives on June 5, 2022, Rotimi’s leadership as a compassionate statesman shone brightly,” Tinubu stated.

“He led his people through a painful period, serving as a chief mourner. Today, I grieve the loss of a fighter and fearless champion of truth and the masses,” Tinubu concluded.

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