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Bayelsa Governor Assures Dickson Doesn’t Engage in Godfatherism



Dickson doesnt play godfatherism says Bayelsa governor

These statements were made during Diri’s Christmas visit to Toru-Orua, Dickson’s hometown in the Sagbama Local Government Area of the state on Wednesday. The remarks were documented in a press release issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Daniel Alabrah, on Thursday.

Diri succeeded Dickson as governor of Bayelsa State in 2020 after the Supreme Court nullified the victory of David Lyon in the governorship poll.

Diri emphasized that since assuming office in 2020, the former governor, now representing Bayelsa West in the Senate, has provided support without being domineering. He also highlighted that the unity between them has significantly contributed to the state’s peace and development.

Referring to their longstanding relationship since their days in the Ijaw National Congress and as commissioners during the Dr. Goodluck Jonathan administration, the governor expressed confidence in the continuity of their strong bond.

Diri expressed gratitude for Dickson’s role in his emergence as his successor and for his support in the November 11 governorship election in the state.

The governor underscored the importance of unity among leaders and the people of the state. He reassured them that his second term will be dedicated to elevating the state to greater heights.

Diri articulated, “Today is another day for merriment. You all remember in our first year, we had some challenges. So it was difficult for us to do anything meaningful that year. But from 2021, we instituted this visit and it has continued. There can be nothing more refreshing than the fact that we are alive and together today. We all know the history of successors and predecessors in Nigeria but the story in Bayelsa is different.

“From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you for tolerating me and for accepting me. This is the time people want to play godfatherism but you are not doing that. We have worked together and shared a lot in common and I am sure this should be an example.

“In politics, if you do not tolerate and accept people, you will not move forward. Today we are happy because we all worked together as one. We went into the election united. Let me again seize this opportunity to thank the people of Bayelsa. You have done well to keep the peace in our state. To all those we might have offended, please forgive us.”

In response, the former governor praised Diri for upholding the tradition of the visit, which was initiated three years ago, and described it as rejuvenating. Dickson viewed the visit as a symbol of brotherhood, love, and peace and urged the people to embrace a similar spirit of togetherness to advance the state.

Expressing his congratulations to Diri on his electoral victory, the senator commended him for his accomplishments in office and expressed optimism about his performance in his second term.

Dickson remarked, “In spite of your tight schedule, you always find time to visit. This is the third time and we appreciate it. With the consent of the leaders here, on January 3, subject to your consent, we will visit you in Sampou.

“This visit is the first after your re-election. Although we had visited to congratulate you, it is still my duty to congratulate you and your able deputy on your resounding victory. Our state has made progress due to maturity and brotherliness and it is our hope that the state will continue to be stable.

“Let me use this opportunity to thank the good people of our state and everyone who played a role in ensuring that the election was credible and violence-free. I thank you all for coming. This tradition is good and I believe it should go on even after your next four years.”