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Kwara PDP faults AbdulRasaq’s N27bn road, hotel, bridge contract



Kwara Hotel

Additionally, the state Ministry of Works and Transport announced the approval for the reconstruction of the Wahab Folawiyo (Unity Road) and the construction of a modern flyover connecting the traffic at Unity roundabout. These projects, awarded to Craneburg Construction for N8.4bn, are set to be completed within 12 months.

In response, the Kwara State branch of the Peoples Democratic Party has expressed reservations about the governor’s haste in executing the Kwara hotels contract. The party raised concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in the decision-making process, particularly the awarding of N27.714 billion worth of contracts to a single company, Craneburg Construction LTD.

The party questioned the rationale behind awarding three major projects to a company that had no previous record of executing projects in the state. The PDP also criticized the lack of engagement with local contractors, contrary to the governor’s earlier pledge to prioritize and support them.

The PDP called on the governor to provide transparent explanations for the exclusive preference given to Craneburg Construction Company Limited and to clarify any undisclosed relationships or special arrangements. The party emphasized the need for accountability and fairness in the awarding of contracts and condemned the lack of economic benefits that could have been derived from distributing the projects among various contractors.