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Harmattan takes shine off Christmas night-life in Katsina




The cold harmattan weather has significantly affected the ongoing Christmas celebrations in Katsina State. This has led to a decline in nocturnal activities as many revelers opt to stay away from lounges and club houses during this festive season.

However, the impact has not extended to hotels, particularly those located within the metropolis and the state capital, as they continue to experience a high influx of guests.

Investigations by Arewa PUNCH reveal that a substantial number of night owls have chosen to celebrate Christmas within the warmth of their homes or hotels, particularly at night due to the intense cold prevailing in the state.

One federal civil servant, Mr. Augustine Emanuel, voiced, “Although my family is in Abuja, I decided to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Katsina. The cold has deterred me from clubbing at night with friends to celebrate the season.”

Meanwhile, an employee at a popular nightclub behind First Bank along GRA, Katsina, mentioned that sales were sluggish during the Christmas holidays. The individual lamented the low patronage, especially during nighttime, which severely affected the nightclub’s business due to the harmattan cold.

Further inquiries revealed that many suya sellers and local roadside tea vendors are thriving at night as numerous residents prefer to patronize them to keep warm in the biting cold.

A banker, Bala Ahmed, noted, “The local tea vendors are truly helping to alleviate the impact of the biting cold with their large mugs of steaming hot coffee and tea beverages.”

A well-known suya seller with outlets in various parts of Katsina city affirmed that their sales had surged at night since the onset of the harmattan cold. Many people favor suya accompanied by hot tea or coffee to ward off the cold.

Observation by Arewa PUNCH also revealed that major streets in Katsina, which used to be bustling with activities at night, are now deserted due to the severe cold.

Moreover, in response to concerns about safety from criminal elements, especially at night, the spokesperson for the Katsina State Police Command, ASP Abubakar Aliyu, reassured residents that the police, in collaboration with other security agencies, are working to ensure the safety of lives and properties, even during festive periods.