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Gratitude for Critics: Doyin Embraces Her Haters



Thank you for being a bunch of fools Doyin appreciates

In a recent public address, she boldly acknowledged the persistent presence of trolls in her journey. Doyin recognized the impact of their unsolicited opinions, acknowledging the role they played in keeping her in the public eye.

Surprisingly, she extended gratitude to the trolls for diverting their attention to her life. She emphasized that their unwelcome criticism had contributed to shaping discussions around her. In an unconventional twist, she even thanked them for being, in her words, a “bunch of fools.” Ending with a cheeky note, she toasted to more unsolicited opinions and foolishness in the upcoming year, signifying a resilient spirit.

“How can I forget the trolls… your unsolicited opinions created a lot of talk around the name ‘Doyin David.’ I’m grateful to you guys for neglecting your lives to focus on me. Thank you for being a bunch of facts. Cheers to more unsolicited opinions and foolishness in the coming year. It’s all love.”

This isn’t the first time Doyin has addressed public opinion. Following her eviction from the Big Brother Naija house in September 2023, she openly criticized Nigerians for not voting for her. Disappointed with what she perceived as a lack of voter intelligence, she asserted that her outspoken nature made her the embodiment of reality TV gold. Doyin lamented the perceived sneaky behavior of her fellow housemates, claiming her eviction was a result of voters failing to recognize authenticity.

Fast forward to December 2023, Doyin once again found herself at odds with Nigerian netizens. After expressing support for Ile Baye, she faced backlash and was accused of being an “ass licker.” Undeterred, Doyin clapped back to defend her kindness as genuine and not a quest for fame. She spoke out about the apparent lack of love in the upbringing of those who trolled her, questioning if they were “cursed with sadness.”