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“Christianity in Nigeria: A Perilous Reality” – Solomon Buchi



Nigeria is a dangerous place for Christians Solomon Buchi

He boldly stated that being a Christian in Nigeria equates to living on the edge, and anyone choosing to disregard this reality is contributing to the peril.

At the core of Solomon’s argument is his observation of what he perceives as selective outcry among Nigerian Muslims. He called out their vocal response to the Palestinian genocide while staying silent on the recent tragedy in Plateau, where over 100 Christians tragically lost their lives. Solomon labeled this behavior as hypocritical, emphasizing that violence only seems to draw condemnation when Muslims are the victims.

Expressing his deep frustration, Solomon pointed to the distressing incident where over 100 Christians were killed on Christmas Day, highlighting the lack of visible action or condemnation. He noted that if the circumstances were reversed, with 10 Muslims killed by Christians on Eid-al-Fitr, it would likely have triggered civil unrest and widespread national repercussions.

It is noteworthy that in a previous instance in November, Solomon posed a thought-provoking question directed at individuals involved in multiple relationships, expressing his perplexity about their ability to divide their attention among several partners simultaneously.

In a separate engagement in September, Solomon Buchi contested a common belief about marriage. He challenged the notion that men do women a favor by marrying them, emphasizing that marriage is not a cure for a woman’s life. Rejecting the idea that women depend on marriage for fulfillment, Solomon urged for a shift in these misconceptions and advocated for an understanding that both men and women should seek marriage for mutual companionship.