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“Is that a promise or engagement ring” Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma raises eyebrow as she flaunts ring in Christmas photos, a year after dating singer



Is that a promise or engagement ring Paul Okoyes girlfriend

Comments on her post included inquiries about whether she is engaged to the singer. Fans noticed the significant ring and left questioning remarks in her comment section, with some expressing congratulations and others speculating about the nature of the ring.

This isn’t the first time Ivy has sparked engagement rumors with the singer. Earlier this year, she had generated buzz on social media by repeatedly flaunting a ring on her fourth finger while promoting a product. This led to an outpouring of messages with congratulations. However, Ivy later clarified that the ring was purely for fashion.

After parting ways with his wife, Paul Okoye wasted no time in publicly moving on with an influencer. The couple has been marking their first anniversary, with fans speculating about the possibility of marriage in the future. Paul addressed these speculations, leaving some puzzled during an Instagram live session when he asserted that he had been single for four years before meeting Ivy Ifeoma.

Despite being divorced and with his children living with their mother in the US, Paul Okoye revealed plans to acquire a bigger house in 2024. This decision stemmed from lessons learned in the previous year. This has fueled speculation about the possibility of Paul starting afresh with Ivy Ifeoma.