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Hackers stole $2 billion in crypto in 2023 – Report



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In a report released in 2023, it was disclosed that hackers managed to steal an estimated $2 billion in cryptocurrencies through various cyberattacks. The report, conducted by De.FI, a security firm responsible for overseeing the REKT database, highlights the existing vulnerabilities within the cryptocurrency space and the continuous efforts being made to address these risks.

De.FI’s report emphasized that the stolen amount was spread across multiple incidents, serving as a stark reminder of the persistent vulnerabilities and challenges present within the DeFi ecosystem. It also noted that 2023 demonstrated the ongoing vulnerabilities and the progress being made to address them, despite relatively subdued interest in the space due to the bear market in the first half of the year.

The 2023 cryptocurrency theft figures represent a decrease compared to the 2022 record, which saw approximately $3.8 billion in crypto thefts.

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