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Guardiola’s Belief about Rivals’ Desire for Man City to Fail



Pep Guardiola

No other club in English football has had such a successful year. Guardiola, however, secured six trophies during his tenure at Barcelona in 2009, when they earned titles in La Liga, Copa del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, European Super Cup, Champions League, and the Club World Cup.

Guardiola, the City manager, shared, “It is a business. You get credit when you win. You don’t win, you are nothing, zero, what you have done in the past.” He also added, “As much as you win, they want you to fail. More than ever. I felt then when we won the sextuple in Barcelona.”

He continued, “It’s normal. They don’t want (us to win). In these 14-15 years what we have won, the titles, is unbelievable. People say ‘how good they play, how genius it is.’ But they give credit just because we win. They don’t have to look further than that.”

The triumph over Fluminense in the Club World Cup was a significant achievement for City, consolidating their team spirit, according to Guardiola, after a demanding five days in Saudi Arabia. However, this success contrasts sharply with their recent Premier League form, with only one win in six matches leaving them in fifth place, six points behind the league leaders, Arsenal.

Guardiola explained, “In the moment you don’t win you are going to get doubts, absolutely everything. But that is what is nice. That is OK. Doubt again, we’ll see what happens.”

He stressed, “They can play better, so we must accept it and move forward. The reality is we are happy, but they are waiting for us around the corner (to fail).”

Despite the festive period spent with his family in Barcelona, Guardiola emphasized that his complete attention is now directed towards the upcoming match against Everton.

“Nothing else exists than Goodison Park,” he said. “The greatest athletes forget as quickly as possible the success. They celebrate it, but around the corner is another competition.”

City are hopeful for the recovery of Rodri from an ankle injury sustained during the game against Fluminense but are uncertain about the fitness of Erling Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne, and Jeremy Doku.