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Emeka Ike: Some of us our fathers have said some really hurtful things to us but that does not make them bad father – Nigerian lawyer



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Barrister Ebike Buna Augustine weighed in on the situation, stating that while some fathers, including his own, may have been highly critical and hurtful, it does not necessarily make them “bad fathers.” He emphasized that a man can be a poor husband but not necessarily a poor father. Augustine also highlighted the importance of a father being capable of delivering harsh truths and emphasized that disagreement with a father’s career guidance does not make him a bad father.

He also pointed out the negative impact of one parent influencing a child to harbor ill feelings toward the other parent, leading to a breakdown in the parent-child relationship. Augustine cautioned against resorting to using children as pawns in conflicts between partners, deeming it unhealthy.

The lawyer’s insights shed light on the complexities of familial relationships and the potentially detrimental effects of parental conflict on children.