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Concerns raised by Northern elders over Plateau killings



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The NEF strongly condemned the attacks and expressed heartfelt condolences to the affected families. The continuous deterioration of security in conflict-affected areas of the North has resulted in numerous lives being lost and a pervasive sense of fear and instability among the communities.

Additionally, the NEF expressed concern over the military’s inability to prevent the Christmas Eve killings, leading to growing suspicions regarding the efficacy and sufficiency of the government’s operational methods.

The Forum questioned whether the strategies employed by the government are flawed or grossly inadequate, given the audacious regularity and ease with which the attackers operate across the northern region.

Furthermore, the NEF raised concerns over the loss of lives and kidnapping in Ruwan Dorawa Village in Zamfara, demanding a comprehensive investigation into the security lapses that resulted in the kidnapping. The findings of this inquiry must be made public, and those responsible for the security breach must be held accountable.

The recent security incident in Ruwan Dorawa village, Zamfara State, resulted in the loss of innocent lives and the abduction of over 25 individuals, predominantly children and women, including the wife of the village head. The NEF urgently demands a comprehensive investigation into the reported security lapse in Ruwan Dorawa village to ensure justice for the victims and prevent such incidents from reoccurring.

In his Christmas message, Abdullahi called on all citizens and stakeholders to offer fervent prayers for the nation’s safety and security. He also urged religious leaders to lead followers in supplication, beseeching divine intervention in bringing an end to insurgency, terrorism, and all forms of criminality.

The Forum reaffirmed its commitment to working closely with the government, security agencies, and other stakeholders to achieve lasting peace and security in the Northern region.