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Primate Ayodele Suggests That Gov. Akeredolu’s Illness Could Be Spiritual



Primate Ayodele predicts divine retribution for El Rufai labels him as

Ayodele emphasized that Akeredolu’s family should focus on the spiritual aspect rather than solely on the medical aspect of the illness. He remarked, “Governor Akeredolu needs prayers for him to come back to office and to return to power. His family needs to seek the face of God concerning his illness. It is more spiritual than physical. There are forces fighting him that don’t wish him well. He needs prayer for his health.”

Primate Ayodele also warned that the illness could incapacitate Akeredolu and called for genuine prayers for his restoration, advising against using the governor’s health for political gain.

He added, “The people of Ondo need to pray for their governor. The illness is determined to make him completely incapacitated if they don’t seek the face of God on time so that he can finish his term. His family and well-wishers should seek God’s face. They shouldn’t use Akeredolu’s life for political interest, what he needs now is prayers of restoration.”

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