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Artificial Intelligence key to Nigeria’s quest for development – Innovation Minister, Nnaji



Artificial Intelligence key to Nigerias quest for development Innovation

Dr. Samira Jibir, the Chief Executive of Glisten International Academy, highlighted the Academy’s dedication to raising nation builders equipped with 21st-century technology skills. She also sought assistance from the Ministry in commercializing the Mairabot Front-Line Robot and requested financial support to enhance its capabilities and expand its functions. Furthermore, she advocated for the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria’s school curriculum as a fundamental subject.

Mr. James Sule, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, commended the academy for inventing the robot to address specific medical challenges, emphasizing that most of its components were sourced locally. He echoed the call to include Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria’s school curriculum and pledged the Ministry’s collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other experts to develop a curriculum for Artificial Intelligence in schools.

The event concluded with the students and their coaches introducing and demonstrating the functions of the robot prototype they had brought.