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APC denies planning one-party state, blames PDP



APC National Publicity Secretary Mr Felix Morka

In a recent ruling, the appellate court, led by Justice Elfrieda Williams-Dawodu, nullified Mutfwang’s election and declared APC candidate Muntawe Goshwe as the winner of the March 18 governorship poll in the state.

The opposition party also expressed shock over a viral video where an APC leader, Yusuf Gagdi, a member of the House of Representatives from Plateau State, claimed that they had connections in the Supreme Court.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, the APC’s National Publicity Secretary, Felix Morka, voiced concern over the opposition’s attack on the judicial system, terming it as “unacceptable levels of contemptuous recklessness.”

Morka also refuted the notion that the APC is attempting to eliminate opposition parties in order to establish a one-party state in Nigeria.

He stated, “The APC is fundamentally different from the PDP and should not be associated with the PDP’s lasting reputation for dishonor and disloyalty to the rule of law and constitutional democracy.

“At no point was any committee formed or tasked with pressuring the justices of any court regarding electoral matters or any other issues.

“Atiku and his PDP are haunted by ghosts from their dishonorable past. Their unwarranted attack on the judiciary is deplorable and reprehensible.

“The notion that when the PDP wins in court, democracy is robust and the judiciary is lively, but when judgements go against them, the judiciary and other democratic institutions must be dismantled at their request, is vain, senseless, and a blatant disregard for the basic principles of the rule of law and constitutionalism.

“In 2019, court rulings overturned the electoral victories of the APC Governor of Zamfara and members of the House of Assembly, granting victory to the PDP.

“Furthermore, in Rivers State, our party’s candidates for all elective positions were barred from contesting, leading to a sweeping victory for the PDP. Additionally, our party lost the governorship of Bayelsa State to the PDP through a court judgement. Throughout, we did not question the integrity of the judiciary.

“We strongly advise that the PDP undergo advanced institutional therapy, cleanse itself of base and anti-democratic tendencies, reorganize for mature and responsible opposition politics, or disband entirely.”