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“When he passed away, we all shared his story on our social media” Actor Shoneye Olamilekan accuses colleagues of insincere support for Murphy Afolabi




In a public call-out, Yoruba Nigerian film actor Shoneye Olamilekan has criticized his fellow actors for their insincere display of support following the death of Murphy Afolabi in May, just days after his birthday.

Taking to Instagram, Shoneye questioned the silence of his colleagues regarding Murphy Afolabi’s projects after his passing. He called out the Nollywood industry for not actively promoting the late actor’s work. He pointedly remarked that despite the rush to share news of Afolabi’s sudden demise on social media, there was a glaring lack of support for his creative endeavors.

Expressing his dissatisfaction, Shoneye emphasized the importance of giving Murphy Afolabi a final tribute by reposting his movies to generate widespread awareness. He remarked, “I’m not the type that would come to social media to seek attention or validation, but I feel that the last respect we can give to Murphy Afolabi is reposting his movie for massive awareness! At least we all posted him on our page when his death came as a shock, so why not his movie? It costs us absolutely nothing. My take though.”

Murphy Afolabi’s unexpected death on the 14th of May, 2023, resulted from a tragic slip on bathroom tiles that led to a fatal head injury. Nollywood mourned his loss alongside another actor on that fateful Sunday, marking it as a Black day within the movie industry.

Many were taken aback by Afolabi’s untimely passing, especially since he had recently celebrated his 49th birthday on the 5th of May. Seun Oloketuyi disclosed that the actor’s life was cut short due to the bathroom accident.