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Senator Sharafadeen Alli criticizes Nigerian electoral process, praises Liberians’ patriotism



Sharafadeen Alli

In the election, opposition leader Joseph Boakai emerged victorious over Liberian president George Weah. Boakai secured 50.89 per cent of the votes, while Weah obtained 49.11 per cent, according to Liberia’s electoral commission.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan also applauded Weah for demonstrating statesmanship by accepting defeat in the election.

The Peoples Democratic Party and the New Nigeria People’s Party, two major opposition parties in Nigeria, highlighted the need to learn from Liberia’s presidential election, emphasizing the importance of having an impartial electoral umpire, effective security agencies, and an independent judiciary.

Weah, a renowned football legend, conceded defeat and emphasized the importance of placing national interest above personal interests in a speech delivered on national radio.

Senator Alli lauded the conduct of Liberians in the election, particularly the party agents, stating, “I must be honest with you; they (Liberians) are patriotic. In a situation where, after voting, people will just go and you then begin to wonder, asking, ‘Where are you going?’ ‘I am going to my house.’ ‘Are you not going to wait and see the counting?’ ‘My agent is there.’ ‘Are you sure he is not going to compromise?’ Then he says, ‘No problem; I have confidence in him.”

He further added, “But here in Nigeria, if you don’t look well, your agent is a problem. It’s our culture, and these are some of the things we have to consider. Our culture towards elections, our Electoral Act, and talking to the people. We need to do a lot of letting the government see that we need a different orientation.”