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Oyebanji’s wife declares crackdown on gender based violence, sexual abuse in schools



Oyebanjis wife declares crackdown on gender based violence sexual abuse

During an interactive session with male and female students from public schools within the Ekiti Central Senatorial District, known as the ‘BAORESS Interface With Adolescents Project (BIWAP)’, Dr. Oyebanji reiterated the need to establish Gender Desks in all public schools. These desks would serve to address and prevent sexual abuse of students while providing necessary counseling for victims.

In her lecture at the event, Dr. Oyebanji expressed concern over the fact that a significant number of GBV perpetrators, including those involved in sexual abuse, are individuals well-known to the victims, such as parents, guardians, relatives, teachers, neighbors, schoolmates, security personnel, as well as drivers and motorcycle riders responsible for transporting pupils to schools.

She stressed the importance of having trained personnel, Gender Desk Officers, to man the proposed Gender Desks in schools. They would be equipped to offer assistance and counseling to students who have suffered abuses, in accordance with the provisions of the GBV (Prohibition) Law 2019.

Dr. Oyebanji described GBV as a threat capable of jeopardizing the future of students, highlighting the occurrence of rape, attempted rape, sexual molestation, and defilement within school environments. Additionally, she cautioned students against engaging in physical attacks on their peers and any form of inappropriate touching, both of which are punishable offenses under the law.