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Group decries hospitals’ rejection of emergency patients



Advocacy for the Rights of the Patients and the Aged Persons in Nigeria Initiative (ARPAPNI), a non-governmental organization, has raised concerns over the rejection of emergency patients by hospitals.

In a statement released in Abuja on Monday, the organization criticized what it deemed as a complete violation of fundamental human rights when hospitals turn away unconscious patients in need of care.

Chairman of the group’s Board of Trustees, Mr. Noah Ataboh, emphasized that every patient, irrespective of their financial status or police record, has the right to receive care during emergency situations, including cases involving unconsciousness or accidents.

He stressed, “We aim to create awareness among the public about the rights of a patient in a hospital. Patients have the fundamental right to receive prompt attention during emergencies, as it is an essential aspect of their right to life, which could be compromised if not upheld.”

Mr. Ataboh also highlighted the abuse of this right by hospital stakeholders and workers, attributing it to inadequate government provision of equipment and remuneration. He emphasized that hospital workers need to understand that patients have the right to immediate care during emergencies, even in the absence of money.

He expressed the view that individuals would not endure suffering in hospitals if healthcare professionals fulfilled their responsibilities. Furthermore, the organization aims to advocate for increased funding in the health sector.