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Seven Nigerian Girls Intercepted by Immigration En Route to Burkina Faso



ComptrollerLagos Seaport and Marine Command Nigeria immigration Service Saddiq Muhammed

In a TVC report shared on the NIS handle, Sadiq revealed that the investigation found the girls, aged 19 to 23, hailed from Langtang North local government area of Plateau State.

He stated, “The girls willfully consented to the journey under false identity with the intent of indulging in prostitution while in their country of destination. However, the suspects neither have any valid travel documents nor financial means to save themselves during the journey.”

“Narrating her role in the illicit business, Miss Denta admitted her involvement in prostitution and facilitating the transportation of potential sex workers into Burkina Faso with the support of her madam, an indigene of Edo state who operates a beer parlour in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso capital.”

An anonymous girl among the group recounted being promised jobs in Lagos by the perpetrator orchestrating the trip, “I didn’t know we were going to Burkina Faso. They told us we were coming to work in Lagos,” she said. She further explained that they were given a choice upon arrival: to either work in prostitution or at the beer parlour owned by her aunt.

The officials transferred the girls to the custody of the Plateau State Liaison Officer in Lagos, where they will undergo further investigation and rehabilitation.

In May 2023, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons stated it had rescued over 19,000 trafficked individuals since its inception in 2003. Josiah Emerole, the agency’s Director of Intelligence and Public Enlightenment, reported that over 32 persons have been convicted of various crimes related to human trafficking since January 2023.