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Rivers State Judiciary and Emohua Local Government Chair in Dispute over Inmate Release




Dr Lloyd has alleged that the suspect, Nwoburuoke Wosu, was among the inmates freed during a jail delivery several months ago by the Chief Judge of the State, Justice Simeon Chibuzor-Amadi.

He further claimed that the suspect was taking advantage of the mercy extended to him by the State Chief Judge and abusing it.

Lloyd’s claims come in the wake of the recent abduction of three individuals along the Emuoha axis of the East-West Road by miscreants, which he has described as “a resurgence of criminal activity.”

He stated, “We are seeing another resurgence of criminality again, this time led by Nwoburuoke Wosu, also known as Abioto from the same Elibrada.”

Unfortunately, Nwoburuoke Wosu was among those recently released by the Chief Judge of Rivers State in a well-planned jail delivery. Instead of turning over a new leaf and integrating into society, Nwoburuoke has returned even more menacing and is wreaking havoc on the public.”

However, the State Judiciary has refuted the council chairman’s claim, stating that the name of the suspect in question was not on the list of inmates recently granted pardon by Justice Chibuzor-Amadi, nor was he among those released since the Chief Judge assumed office.

Previously, Lloyd had declared Nwoburuoke Wosu wanted for his criminal activities within Emohua and certain parts of the East-West Road, asserting that he was one of the individuals freed from the Port Harcourt Corrections by the Chief Judge during a jail delivery in June this year.

But in a swift response, the Chief Registrar of the State High Court, David Ihua-Maduenh, criticized Dr Lloyd for implicating the CJ in the release of a notorious cultist from the correctional centre who is reported to be making life uncomfortable for residents of Emuoha and nearby.

Ihua-Maduenh asserted that the Judiciary does not have any issues with the LG chairman warranting such remarks against the State Chief Judge.

He mentioned that neither the Judiciary nor the CJ are against the council boss in his fight against insecurity in Emuoha, but expressed concern about the accusations made against the State CJ.

He dismissed the claim that the CJ had previously released the wanted criminal, branding it as entirely false and suggesting that Lloyd could be held for contempt of court.

He emphasized, “There was no jail delivery exercise by My Lordship, Hon. Chief Judge of Rivers State, in June 2023.”

“I had reviewed the list of individuals released by the Hon. Chief Judge during the various jail delivery exercises since he assumed office in May 2021 until now, and the person named Nwoburuoke Wosu (aka Abioto) is not on the list.”

“I have also gone through the list of inmates released by the Magistrates during their hearings at the Port Harcourt Correctional Centre from 2021–2023. The person named Nwoburuoke Wosu (aka Abioto) is not among those released.”

“It is therefore very troubling that Hon. Chidi Lloyd keeps associating the name of the Hon. Chief Judge of Rivers State with the supposed release of Nwoburuoke Wosu (aka Abioto) from the Correctional Centre.”

He cautioned Dr Lloyd to cease mentioning and invoking the name of the State Chief Judge regarding issues of insecurity in the Emohua Local Government Area.