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Presidency’s Response to Atiku’s Allegations Against Tinubu and the Judiciary



Bola Tinubu2

Onanuga emphasized that the PDP and Atiku have neglected introspection, instead choosing to blame external forces for their electoral shortcomings. He dismissed the claims that Tinubu suppressed opposition and compromised the judiciary during his tenure as the Lagos State Governor, further accusing them of attempting to destabilize Nigeria’s political landscape.

Refuting the notion of Tinubu interfering with judicial processes, Onanuga cited instances where PDP candidates triumphed over All Progressives Congress candidates in Supreme and Appeal courts, underlining Tinubu’s commitment to democracy and the rule of law.

The statement also contrasted Tinubu’s democratic credentials with those of Abubakar, accusing the latter of electoral misconduct in the past. It argued that Atiku and PDP ought not to be “crying wolf” over the Appeal Court’s rulings on governorship polls in Plateau, Zamfara, and Nasarawa States, considering the PDP’s inconsistency in celebrating court rulings in their favor while now criticising the judiciary for decisions against them.

Onanuga urged the PDP and Atiku to cease their “campaign of calumny” against the judiciary, stressing that legal judgments are grounded in law and evidence, not personal sentiments.