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Petroleum Tanker Drivers Dismiss Allegations of Planned Protest



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Mr. Egbon cautioned the public about the actions of certain individuals who are attempting to cause unwarranted panic in the country’s petroleum products distribution chain through the dissemination of false information.

He assured, “Our members have no intention of engaging in any form of protest, and we are committed to upholding our duties to the nation.”

Furthermore, he expressed the union’s wholehearted support for the economic initiatives of President Bola Tinubu’s administration, stating, “We are fully behind the government’s efforts to steer our economy in the right direction for the benefit of all.”

Mr. Egbon also reaffirmed the unity within the union and urged the public to disregard the rumors. He urged the security agencies to investigate the source of the false information.

Additionally, he emphasized the unwavering commitment and solidarity of the PTD members in their collective endeavors, underscoring their belief in the strength of united workers.

“We urge the public to dismiss these troublemakers, and call on the security agencies to thoroughly investigate these alarming news items, especially considering the existing challenging circumstances faced by citizens,” he remarked.