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Edo APC leader announces aspiration for governorship, criticizes zoning




He expressed, “I have consistently maintained that Edo State should be governed by a party with a central presence, as this state is the nation’s core. How can the core be aligned with another party and still be considered the core? We need to have faith in the federal government and align with it. This is why we are reaffirming that it is imperative to bring the state under the governance of the APC. This is one of the reasons why I have chosen to enter the race, to ensure that we rescue the state.”

“Some people advocate for zoning; however, you can only zone what you possess. If you don’t have a daughter, you cannot give one away in marriage. This is why the APC must present the best, and the best candidate stands before you,” he added.

Airhiavbere mentioned his consistent support for APC candidates since 2016 as the motivation behind his decision to run. He stated, “I informed the people of Edo that it is GC’s turn.”

Furthermore, the State Youth Leader of the APC, Tony Kabaka, emphasized the necessity for a governor who would uphold and honor the sanctity of the Benin monarchy.