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Drug baron rearrested seven years after fleeing Abuja prison



drug baron arrested

During the recent raid, the NDLEA operatives uncovered a significant stash of cannabis at Momoh’s warehouse. Although Momoh was not present during the raid, his warehouse manager, Richard Forson Gordon, was arrested and sentenced to two years in jail.

Subsequent operations led to the arrest of Momoh with additional illegal substances, alongside the arrest of other suspects involved in drug-related activities. Additionally, a major drug bust in Ekiti State resulted in the destruction of a large cannabis farm, leading to the arrest of several individuals.

Similar successful operations were conducted in Ondo, Sokoto, Edo, Lagos, Imo, and Benue States, resulting in the confiscation of substantial quantities of illicit substances and the arrest of multiple suspects involved in drug trafficking.

The NDLEA continues to be vigilant in its efforts to combat the illegal drug trade across various states in Nigeria, successfully intercepting trafficking attempts and apprehending those involved in the distribution and sale of illicit substances.