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Contrary to Claims, No Assassination Attempt on Factional Rivers Speaker: CP Dismisses Reports



Tunji Disu

The police further mentioned that the preliminary investigations did not indicate any assassination attempt on the lawmaker. Disu urged Ehie to provide the police with additional information regarding the incident.

Furthermore, the police clarified that the officers involved in the patrol were on a routine convoy and made efforts to communicate with the leader to gather more details about the incident.

While a police van was stationed at Ehie’s residence, a statement purportedly from the State House of Assembly’s Legislative Correspondent, Ken Uchendu, had earlier described the attack as an assassination attempt, mentioning that CCTV footage of the incident would be made public for verification.

Ehie, who had declared himself as the House Speaker amidst a state legislature crisis, claimed to have been elected unanimously by 26 lawmakers. The alleged attack on his residence occurred while 27 lawmakers, led by House Speaker Martin Amaewhule, were attending a retreat in Abuja.