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Concerns raised by the Creative Industry Group about the escalating drug abuse cases among the youth



Drug abuse

While acknowledging the association of some celebrities with drugs, Duke emphasized that not all entertainers are engaged in such a lifestyle.

He observed that some parents are responsible for introducing their children to substance addiction.

He urged parents to be more vigilant about their children’s activities and relationships to mitigate negative influences. He further emphasized that if the issue of youth drug abuse is not addressed promptly as a national priority, the ramifications could be severe.

In a bid to increase awareness, CIG is arranging a conference on drug abuse on November 28, aiming to gather stakeholders to devise solutions to the crisis. Additionally, a roadwalk has been slated for November 23 to garner public attention.

He stated, “The current level of crimes will be a child’s play. This is not the time for everybody to lie down, facing one direction, where nobody cares about it but a few people.

“It has become an epidemic in our society that needs the attention of all.

“That is why we are using the body of entertainers, which is the creative industry group, to do this campaign to let the world know that hard drugs are bad.

“We will campaign to see how we can reduce our youths in the society from taking drugs to the barest minimum.”

Duke mentioned that CIG is propelling the awareness campaign to various states, commencing with Lagos, as part of endeavors to significantly reduce youth drug use, which he deplored as having become widespread across Nigerian society.

“We are taking the campaign to other states; we are starting with Lagos,” he said.

The association of entertainers underlined the necessity of collaborative efforts between government, educational institutions, security agencies, civil groups, and communities to combat the pernicious epidemic imperiling the prospects of young people.