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The transformation of Southern Kebbi due to enhanced security



Nasir Idris

Ahmed Idris, the chief press secretary to the governor of Kebbi State, highlighted that peace and stability have been restored in the region, leading to the commencement of various socio-economic activities.

The director in charge of security, AbdulRahman Usman, affirmed the positive changes, emphasizing the resumption of farming and other economic activities that were previously disrupted due to insecurity.

Notably, Danko/Wasagu Local Government had been heavily affected by insecurity, causing residents to flee to seek refuge elsewhere. However, under the leadership of Comrade Dr. Nasir Idris, the area has witnessed a resurgence of business activities.

Usman acknowledged the remarkable progress in Danko/Wasagu, a region that had long suffered from instability, hindering farming and leading to the desertion of villages. Now, residents are returning and resuming their agricultural activities due to the newfound peace.

He also highlighted the restoration of commercial activities and the freedom of movement without fear of harassment or abduction, attributing these positive changes to the collective and individual prayers of the people for the governor.

Usman urged the community to continue supporting security agencies by providing valuable intelligence to ensure the continued safety and security of the citizens.