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Strong Opposition from PDP against Soludo and APGA’s Claim of Anambra Belonging to Party



Soludo APGA

According to him, APGA’s popularity has been diminished by poor governance in the state, and Soludo must face the reality that his leadership has decreased APGA’s popularity, making it a burden on ndị Anambra, who eagerly await 2025 to usher the party out of Agu-Awka.

The assertion by the governor and APGA that Anambra exclusively belongs to APGA reflects a sad tale of people ignoring reality and relying on sycophantic feedback rather than the majority’s sentiments.

It is widely acknowledged that Soludo would be the last governor from APGA, as the majority of Anambra people and electorates resonate with this truth and are awaiting 2025 when the next gubernatorial elections would take place.

According to Chibuike, Soludo’s lackluster performance continued disparaging of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, whose name has sustained the party, misappropriation of funds, undemocratic tendencies, and failure to deliver on promises have destroyed the support and emotional attachment that ndị Anambra had for APGA.

Highlighting the significant challenges faced by Anambra people under the APGA-led administration in the past 20 months, Chibuike pointed out that Soludo should evaluate himself based on his campaign promises and not the achievements of previous APGA governors instead of relying on the fact that Anambra is considered an APGA state for his re-election.

It is unfortunate that the former Central Bank governor has become so unpopular and lacks confidence in seeking a second term solely based on his own name and accomplishments. The truth is that Soludo will be the last governor from APGA, and this is not up for negotiation.

The people of Anambra State want to feel the positive impact of effective governance, improved infrastructure, job opportunities, and the possibilities of local government and council elections, security, and other benefits that come with democracy. Unfortunately, Soludo and APGA have not only failed to deliver these, but they are also leading the state toward destruction.

Soludo and APGA cannot point to a single completed infrastructure project in the state in the past 20 months despite having a massive budget of over N400 billion with little to no funding deficits.

If APGA and Soludo are allowed another four years in power, it would mean the complete annihilation of Anambra State as residents and businesses continue to leave for neighboring states where basic amenities, effective governance, and infrastructure are available,” Chibuike added when expressing his concerns.

Reacting to the developments, the state APGA chairman, Ifeatu Obi-Okoye, simply stated, “We wouldn’t want to respond to Chibuike’s statement, Ndi Anambra knows the true position of things.”