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Professionals in the Maritime Industry Aspire for Roles in the New Ministry



Osun State Governor Adegboyega Oyetola

At the event, the Chairman of Benin River Port, Greg Ogbeifun, delivered the keynote address titled “Urgent regulatory reform in the maritime industry: Setting the agenda for the new administration,” emphasizing the importance of the managers of the new ministry being open to advice and making informed decisions.

In his address, he expressed, “The new ministry has not commenced operations on a positive note. We wish that industry practitioners were appointed to the top leadership positions.

“We appreciate the establishment of the ministry by President Bola Tinubu and the subsequent appointments. It is now our collective responsibility to support the appointees. Hopefully, they are professionals who are willing to comprehend the sector and make sound decisions.”

He highlighted the aging infrastructure as the major issue affecting seaports in the country, pointing out the lack of opportunities for expansion.

He also raised concerns about encroachment of development into seaports and advocated for regulatory reforms to address this issue in the sector.

He further stated, “The maritime industry serves as Nigeria’s economic focal point and offers significant potential for the nation’s growth and development.

“However, the industry faces various challenges, including regulatory barriers, deficient maritime infrastructure, inadequate flag administration, security apprehensions, unfavorable fiscal policies, inadequate funding, and an insufficient supply of skilled personnel, among others.

“Considering the transition to a new administration in Nigeria, the necessity for urgent regulatory reforms in the maritime industry is vital to establish a comprehensive agenda that will tackle the obstacles and unleash the full potential of the maritime and shipping industry in the country.”

Prior to this, President of NMLA, Funke Agbor (SAN), praised the Edo State Government for its support towards the meeting. She emphasized that the association has been actively involved in ensuring the domestication of maritime-related legislations and treaties, with the objective of enhancing the industry. She encouraged practitioners to explore the opportunities presented by the new ministry.

She further added, “Now that the government has set up the new ministry, it is our responsibility to capitalize on this, equip ourselves, and prepare all the clusters comprising the maritime industry so that the government is compelled to create a conducive environment that allows us to measure and hold the government accountable for their actions.”