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Plateau Rep Applauds APC Governorship Candidate for Court of Appeal Victory




He continued, “We have always urged our supporters to exercise restraint in their conducts, despite unwarranted provocation by our political opponents who unleashed all weapons of propaganda and emotional blackmail in their arsenals to sway the pendulum of justice and curry public sympathy in their desperation to hold unto power. Our belief in the judiciary as the bastion of justice and the last hope of the common man has always been unwavering, and we hold the same in the highest esteem as we look forward to approaching the final phase of the legal tussle.”

Gagdi urged the APC supporters to be gracious in victory and to celebrate with humility. He expressed hope that their joy would not be undermined by their adversaries. He also expressed his firm belief in the promising future of Plateau State under the leadership of Nentawe Goshwe as the Executive Governor. He concluded by extending prayers for the success of Goshwe’s administration.