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FG urged to reveal inherited deficit, challenges Obi



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He stated that the revenue generated by the Tinubu-led administration is being used to repay what was taken from the country.

In a series of tweets via his profile, the former Governor of Anambra State, on Thursday, emphasized the importance of the government disclosing the deficit inherited from the previous All Progressives Congress administration, to demonstrate transparency and accountability.

Obi criticized the Buhari government for not revealing the deficit inherited when it made a similar claim in 2015 against the preceding Goodluck Jonathan-led government.

He highlighted the significance of allocating public funds to development sectors such as education, security and healthcare among others, and urged the government to reduce its cost of governance.

He also stressed the need for measurable and verifiable steps to ameliorate the nation’s economy amidst concerns raised about expenditure items in the supplementary budget recently signed into law.

Obi urged the government to prioritize critical development sectors and address youth unemployment in order to improve the nation’s situation.