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QNET Pledges Commitment to Development and Empowerment



QNET, a globally recognized direct-selling company operating in over 25 countries with a focus on lifestyle and wellness, has restated its dedication to driving positive change in Nigeria.

In a statement, the company expressed its commitment to continue its transformative initiatives, empower Nigerian youths, and make substantial contributions to underprivileged communities.

During a recent zoom meeting attended by company officials and individuals from the financial sector, QNET reaffirmed its commitment.

QNET celebrated its 25th anniversary in Malaysia in September, attracting business leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world, including Nigeria. The event brought together 20,000 attendees from more than 20 countries.

The company revealed that it entered the Nigerian market in April 2022 through a partnership with Transblue Limited, a local company specializing in customer service compliance and logistics.

Transblue Limited serves as QNET’s legal representative in Nigeria, facilitating the integration of Nigerians into the company’s global network and promoting youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

QNET highlighted its flagship initiative, the FinGreen program, which was launched in June 2022 and has already provided vital financial literacy skills to over 1,200 Nigerian youths.