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NGOs Partner to Empower 48,000 Women in Nigeria and Other Countries by 2026



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Anti-poverty organization, Opportunity International, has teamed up with the UPS Foundation to launch the ‘Unstoppable Women Initiative.’ This initiative aims to break down economic barriers for women in Nigeria, India, Colombia, and Indonesia by providing them with funding.

According to the organization, the Unstoppable Women Initiative is a three-year plan that will empower women and eliminate economic barriers in underserved communities. It will directly impact 48,605 women and benefit a total of 1,564,620 people by the end of 2026.

A December report by the National Assessment of Women’s Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria revealed that Nigerian women have a strong interest in pursuing entrepreneurial careers. However, they face significant challenges in accessing the financial services they need.

Nikki Clifton, President of Social Impact and The UPS Foundation, commented on the initiative, stating, “We have a clear vision that we execute every single day with every partner in every community – to create a more equitable and just world. Our work with Opportunity International isn’t just an investment, it is a demonstration of our commitment to equity for the women of India, Nigeria, Colombia, and Indonesia who are working hard to build opportunity for their children.”

Atul Tandon, CEO of Opportunity International, emphasized the importance of women’s economic empowerment, saying, “When women rise economically, the people around them flourish. Opportunity International is committed to implementing strategies that connect women and girls to the resources, supports, and education that help them achieve economic independence.”

“This partnership with The UPS Foundation exemplifies our decades-long commitment to economic empowerment for women and girls—investing in women entrepreneurs, who in turn make life better for their families and their communities.”