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Vice President Shettima Seeks Support from the United States for the Agricultural Sector



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In his visit to the United States, Vice President Kashim Shettima requested assistance from the United States government to address challenges in Nigeria’s agricultural sector. Shettima, speaking to the US Special Envoy for Global Food Security, Cary Fowler, emphasized the need for support in areas such as mechanization, quality seeds, fertilization, and improved agricultural practices. Shettima expressed confidence in the Tinubu administration’s commitment to collaborating with stakeholders to enhance agricultural productivity in Nigeria and across Africa.

Shettima assured Fowler of Nigeria’s intention to nurture and sustain existing relationships with partners in the agricultural sector. He acknowledged the urgent need to find innovative solutions to overcome food security challenges and highlighted the importance of international collaboration in addressing these issues.

Fowler revealed that the US government, in partnership with other stakeholders, has launched an agricultural initiative focused on Africa. The initiative, known as the “Vision for Adapted Crops and Soil,” aims to help African countries manage their soil effectively and ensure sustainability and productivity. Fowler emphasized the US government’s concern about climate change’s impact on Africa and its commitment to supporting initiatives that promote long-term funding and investment in agricultural development. He stressed the importance of collaborative efforts and African leadership in driving this initiative forward.

Shettima is expected to return to Nigeria over the weekend following his participation in the Belt and Road Initiative in China and his visit to the United States.