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Troops in Benue Rescue Three Kidnapped Victims



Nigerian troops

Har received a tip-off and immediately alerted the Commanding Officer, Lt Col Kefas, leading to the rescue on October 31, 2023.

While patrolling the Naka-Makurdi road, the troops encountered criminals attempting to rob and kidnap local residents.

As soon as the kidnappers noticed the troops, they fled, leaving behind the victims. However, the troops pursued them into the bush and managed to rescue three individuals.

The statement mentioned, “Troops on patrol along Naka Makurdi road encountered criminals attempting to rob and kidnap locals. The kidnappers fled upon sighting the troops, abandoning the victims. The troops diligently pursued them into the bushes and successfully rescued three civilians.”

Har expressed his gratitude towards the troops for their accomplishments thus far. He also urged the residents of Benue to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious individuals or activities to the state’s security agencies.