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Travelwings: Investing in Tourism to Boost GDP and Job Creation



Travel brand, Travelwings, has highlighted the potential of investing in tourism to contribute to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and stimulate job creation.

During the opening of its office in Lekki, Lagos, the company stated that partnering with the Department of Tourism would bring in foreign currency, creating opportunities for growth and employment.

Sean Bradley, the Chief Business Development Officer in Africa, emphasized the potential for young people to benefit from the sector, stating that they would be empowered to take on roles such as customer service agents and business development officers.

According to him, “young people will shape the future and it is our responsibility to engage them in this industry, which is a catalyst for growth.

“There are growth opportunities for young people to enter the industry, and it is about us establishing a presence as well.

“By offering competitive pricing for airfare, land arrangements, and facilitating students’ access to their dream universities globally, as well as enabling families and friends to travel between specific markets, we are contributing to the growth of the tourism sector.”

Bradley emphasized that the agency would consider the inbound tourism side and focus on promoting attractions in Nigeria.

He stated, “We need to look at the entire value chain associated with tourism. It goes beyond someone traveling here; the service providers connected to that visitor enhance the overall experience.

“We need to examine the broader value chain and collaborate with the relevant authorities to support their mandate and bring it to the market.”