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Tinubu Issues Warning to Operators in Nigeria’s Mining Sector



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has sternly cautioned private companies and public servants involved in unethical practices in the solid minerals sector, directing them to cease their actions or face legal consequences.

The President delivered this warning during his address at the 2nd edition of the Africa Natural Resources and Energy Investment Summit (AFNIS) in Abuja on Tuesday.

While welcoming genuine investors who share the government’s vision, President Tinubu emphasized that those impeding the ease of doing business and hindering efforts to develop the sector and transform the economy will be punished.

Under the conference theme, ‘Towards a Just Transition’, Tinubu highlighted the importance of utilizing the country’s natural resources for the betterment of its people.

Represented by Secretary to the Federal Government George Akume, the President disclosed the appointment of Oladele Alake as Minister of Solid Minerals to bring about reform in the sector. He also assured that the Federal Executive Council has adopted Alake’s comprehensive agenda to revitalize the industry.

Tinubu further urged the governors to collaborate with the Federal Government in increasing the mining sector’s contribution to the economy. He advised them to refrain from interfering in the legitimate activities of licensed operators.

In his remarks, Minister Alake advocated for a shift towards more sustainable practices in the utilization of Nigeria’s natural resources.

“At the core of this summit lies the concept of a ‘Just Transition’. This idea calls for us to ensure that as we move towards more sustainable practices in natural resource development and energy production, no one is left behind.

“The just transition entails recognizing the needs of our workforce, communities, and economies that have long relied on traditional energy sources. It is about promoting inclusivity, providing alternatives, and equitably distributing the benefits of this transformation.

“We must address the social and economic challenges that may arise from shifting away from traditional energy sources. This requires investing in workforce re-training, creating alternative employment opportunities, and supporting affected communities. Africa must implement policies that offer a safety net for those negatively impacted by this transition,” stated Alake.

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