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The Vice-Chancellor Urges Federal Government to Avoid Taking Sides in Israeli-Hamas Conflict



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According to him, the Israel-Hamas conflict is a longstanding war rooted in a land dispute, rather than having religious undertones as it is often misunderstood.

He stated, “The Israel-Hamas war began recently. As the conflict continues to affect the citizens of Israel and Palestine, as well as neighboring nations, the international community is feeling the impact. Peace seems to have eluded both countries!

“For 70 years, Israel and Palestine have been engaged in a struggle for dominance, while also risking the interests of countries such as Iran, Lebanon, and Syria. Some countries have taken sides in this conflict.

“The United States and some Western countries have expressed support for Israel, while others have declared support for Palestine. The war is still raging on, and peace remains elusive for both countries.”

Furthermore, he emphasized that it would be in the best interest of Nigeria for President Bola Tinubu to resist any pressure to take sides in this conflict.

“Regarding whether Nigeria should align with a particular side in this Israel-Hamas conflict, I suggest that President Bola Tinubu should exercise caution and not succumb to pressure. The war is complex, and religious sentiments and bigotry should not sway him.

“While it appears to be a religious war, the truth is that it is more focused on geographical [land] disputes. Truly, nations should explore alternative approaches to resolving international conflicts,” Igbasan said.

In his remarks, the President of NACS, Afolorunsho Dairo, highlighted that sustainable development cannot be achieved in an atmosphere of conflict.
He called on stakeholders to work towards global peace among nations.

“Peace-building and the promotion of sustainable development aim to bring about profound and significant changes in society. To achieve this impact, collaboration is crucial. No individual, organization, or initiative alone can effectively address issues of violence and peace at the community level.

“This challenge is at the core of the peace-building field. Although it is not new, and not specific to peace-building, the problem has become more acute in Nigeria. Therefore, organizations working in peace-building fields, such as Human Rights, Humanitarian Assistance, and Conflict Resolution, must diligently strive to achieve the desired peace,” he said.