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Sosa Fruits: Committed to Customer Satisfaction



According to Ms Adebola Adeyinka, the Assistant Marketing Manager at Rite Foods Limited, the company highly values its customers. She made this statement during a tour of the company’s facility in Ososa, Ogun State, where they showcased their product, Sosa Fruit Drink.

The purpose of the tour was to provide consumers with an insight into the production processes of Sosa Fruit Drink.

Ms Adeyinka stated, “The factory visit was a testament to Sosa Fruit Drink’s commitment to prioritizing consumers, who play a crucial role in the brand’s growth and leading position in the market segment.”

She emphasized the company’s dedication to delivering quality products, enhancing taste experiences, and contributing to community development through their innovative range of offerings.

The statement explained that randomly selected consumers were taken through the complete Sosa Fruit Drink production process during the tour. This included water treatment, quality control laboratory, flavor variant creation in the kitchen, sugar storage unit, polyethene terephthalate bottle production section, labeling, wrapping, palletizing, and the final production stage where the finished products are expertly packaged for distribution. All these processes adhere to global best practices for safety and production standards.