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“Singer Paul Okoye laments: In Africa, especially Nigeria, elders are the leaders of tomorrow”



In Nigeria, Paul Okoye, also known as Rude Boy, a Nigerian singer, expressed his concern about the current state of affairs in the country.

As one half of the famous music duo Psquare, he emphasized that in Africa, particularly Nigeria, elders are considered the leaders of tomorrow.

“Take that with you,” he added.

Many people agreed with the singer, noting that in most countries, it is often the older generations that hold positions of power.

Paul Okoye laments over elders being leaders of tomorrow

A person identified as Don Tyga highlighted that even the United States has an 80-year-old individual in the White House.

Fvckery Chichi pointed out that the same situation exists in America and China.

Ezenwa Sonny dismissed the concern, stating that these elders were once youths themselves.

Iyke Nneji shared that questioning certain elders could be seen as rude and stubborn.

Donking expressed his agreement with Okoye by calling these elders crooked and evil.

Blessed Prinx Cosmetics mentioned that elders had taken the leadership roles meant for the younger generation.

Nchofa cited an example of Cameroon where the living ancestors are still in power. They were leaders when they were younger and are still regarded as leaders by the younger generation.

Vee Vogee criticized the cycle of leadership passing from father to grandfather, saying “Tufiakwa,” which roughly translates to “God forbid” in Igbo language.

A few days ago, Paul Okoye subtly mocked supporters of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

As a strong supporter of Tinubu’s rival, Peter Obi, during the general election, Okoye questioned if Tinubu’s supporters were still standing, considering the increasingly devalued currency exchange rate.

Despite the challenging economy, Okoye stated that he is still standing strong and unaffected by the economic conditions.

The singer also expressed his concern about the rising costs of living in Nigeria, specifically the soaring prices of diesel, revealing that he now spends a staggering 3 million Naira on diesel each month.